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Best of all, they start working within a few minutes. But if your heartburn tends to be long-lasting, you should try another class of drugs: All of them are available as low-cost generics. They take up to an hour to work but usually give you heartburn relief for up to 12 hours. It belongs to a category of drugs called proton pump inhibitors PPIs that work by blocking an enzyme needed for making acid in the stomach.

Despite what the ads imply, those drugs are not intended for immediate heartburn relief, but they can help with severe and ongoing cases, as well as ulcers and gastroesophageal reflux disease. Those drugs are associated with certain rare but potentially serious side effects, including an increased risk of infections and pneumonia as well as bone fractures. And they can sometimes cause dangerous interactions with other medications and dietary supplements.

Studies show that its active ingredient, loperamide also found in generic versions , works better than bismuth subsalicylate found in Pepto-Bismol, Kaopectate, and generics at relieving a bout of diarrhea, or at least making it shorter and less severe.

For example, research found that taking it daily reduced the incidence of the ailment from 40 percent to 14 percent. Also check with your doctor first if you take other medications or have a chronic health condition. Pepto can enhance the effect of blood thinners, for example, and worsen conditions such as gout and kidney disease.

If you really need to take something, MiraLax is usually your best bet. Dissolve it in water or another liquid and drink it. MiraLax has no taste. Studies show that it works well and might cause fewer side effects than the alternatives. Correctol generic bisacodyl is a stimulant laxative; it works by triggering the muscles of the intestines to move the stool along.

That rapid movement softens the stool but also might cause cramping. Ex-Lax and Senokot generic senna work the same way. To prevent the problem from cropping up again, try gradually adding more fiber to your diet. Our pick for this class of drugs is Zantac It relies on ranitidine to do its work — one of the oldest and best-known H2 blockers — and came highly recommended by our experts.

How We Found the Best Heartburn Medicine We started by rounding up all the brands we could find that were available through pharmacies, online retailers like Amazon and Vitacost , or chain grocery stores like Walmart. We found 66 heartburn remedies in all, including chewable tablets, liquids, gummies, and capsules. Then we dug into active ingredients. Then you can consider they were streched muscles.

If pain persists, you can visit a gastroenterologist. KatieB34 I have had a horrible pain in my right side for the last few days. When it first came on I thought it was a side stitch since I am trying to get in shape for my last year of college basketball. However, the pain has lasted 2 days and is excruciating when I am physically active. It is not tender to the touch at all. Does anyone know what this could be? Jan Modric KatieB34, to say more you would need to reveal: Jona n Hi, i had ths problem for about 4 year or more..

At first it was burning when i urinate nd lower back pains, i went to many doctors many times but didnt help. Now the burning is lesser but my whole back pains severly i cant even sleep at nyt easily.

Jan Modric revealing your complete personal medical history could help to explain your symptoms. I am 18 yrs. The problem startd about when i was 14 yrs by than there was a painful swelling just on top of my private parts nd the was no problem when i urinated.

Than after a year or so i started to get a burn when i urinated nd slight lower back pains nd i also remembr thr was once blood in my urine for a week. But nw i have lower,middle,left nd right back pains. Jan Modric jona n, burning urination, bloody urine , lump over the bladder and lower back pain speak for a bladder disorder like an inflammation within the bladder. An urologist can tell which investigations would be needed cystography, cystoscopy….

I encourage you to make an appointment soon. I ajust started fiber suppliments and a vegetable laxative. II got up in the middle of the night to have a BM and I felt the stool move through me and I had the worse pain on my right lower abdomen. Its down between the hip bones. Fiber supplements and laxatives are not a recommended measure in mild to moderate constipation. Drinking sufficient amount of water, physical exercise, foods high in dietary fiber and avoiding unnecessary stress can help.

I also have had constipation for about a month. As of this morning I have a sharp pain on the right side of my abdomen right up against my hip bone about an inch or two from my belly button. What could be wrong with me? I also occasionally feel pain under my armpits but nothing too severe. Jan Modric tiray22, pain in armpits may arise from lymph nodes from several reasons, including cancer, so I think you should let a doctor to check this out.

Pain moving along the whole lenght of the right side of the abdomen could be from gas built or cramps in the right part of the colon. Just today I got a sharp stabbing pain on my right lower abdomen.

Jan Modric BlueBird, I recommend you to visit your gynecologist soon — it could be, for example, a pelvic inflammatory disease PID , from various causes. Jan Modric tay, I recommend you to see a doctor as soon as possible. The lump can arise from the liver or gallbladder, or intestine, for example but I do not want to make more guesses, just see the doctor.

It feels like a cramp. The pain is lingering and sometimes lasts for an hour at most and creeps up my spine. If I crouch down the pain intensifies and if I straighten my back it goes higher. Jan Modric mika, cramping pain below the ribs during urinating could be from a urinary stone in the right urether. An urologist can make appropriate tests. It started one day at the end of work I work sitting in office all day, part time and it came on as a sharpe, sudden pain in the upper part of my abdomen about 2 inches below the ribs.

Stayed for a couple of hours but after getting home and lying down it eventually faded. A week later, it came back again, this time gradually. Since then, it has come and gone daily throughout the day, usually getting worse after a long day of sitting.

If I lay down, it will usually ease up and fade away in about an hour or so. I got a urine test, no infection. I got a GB Sonogram… normal. Jan Modric tina, a pinched nerve due to a disorder bulging disc, arthritis… in the thoracic spine seems to be likely. Try to find out if pain is actually triggered by prolonged sitting would probably not occur during weekends then..

Pain relief after lying down speaks for a spinal rather than gallbladder isssue, though. A neurologist or orhopedist or physiotherapist can recommend certain exercises…Adjusting a chair or sitting on a big ball could help a bit. Making at least one half an hour break with brisk walking and certain stretching exercises could help prevent the pain somewhat. Bulging discs and spinal arthritis can be successfully treated by surgery…. It started last night around midnight.

When I move or walk the pain becomes worse and when I sleep on my right side I feel nausted. The pain I am feeling is sharp and stabbing and is very intense and painful. I feel that the pain have moved to my lower back. It does not hurt when I press on it, but it does kind of hurt when I breathe. Any suggestions on what it could be?

How can I treat it? Jan Modric kkuminko, — gallstones in the gallbladder or bile duct would cause pain just below the right rib cage on the right side, about inches from the middle line within an hour after a meal, last for several minutes to few hours and then disappear completely.

Pain can be sometimes accompanied by nausea. The first investigation is usually abdominal ultrasound. If the pain is not over the gallbladder area, so more toward the right, it could be from the colon. Nausea and pain being aggravated by breating speak for a gallbladder or colon disorder, in the later case your bowel habit would be likely changed. There is usually no nausea in a pinched lumbar nerve, and gallbladder pain is usually not aggravated by walking, so I would need some more details to give more suggestions.

Haley I have an uncomfortable full pressure dull pain in the lower right ribs right att he bottomof the rib cage. This feeling Ihave is a lot like I felt when I had to have my gallbladder out. The bleching, gas, feeling full all the time, and this catch or pinching feeling right wher the last two ribs are on the right sdie. Could this be my liver, maybe liver crystals or possiable enlarged liver? Haley, in case your gallbladder was removed because of gallstones, this time there could be stones in the bile duct.

Bile comes from the liver, and obstruction of bile can occur in the liver or later within the bile duct. An abdominal ultrasound can reveal more. Due you think it could be as simple as extreme gas? I had a bowel movement today but I am not having gas.

Jan Modric yes, gas could cause all the symptoms. I was diagnosed with Acid reflux in May The result of my colonoscopy was normal. I had a gastric polyp in the stomach wall and it was removed and the biopsy result shows that it is gastric polyp. It stopped after a couple of days then started again a few more times in June and then A couple more times in July.

I went back to see my GI doctor who performed the procedure and told him about the black stool, he said it came from the upper GI. I also told him that I feel the pain on my right lower abdomen, he again told me that it is because of muscle spasm and prescribed Bactofen, the muscle relaxer medicine. I had taken Aciphex then Nexium and then Dexilant. Could it be that The GI doctor had damaged my Colon and esophagus when he did the procedure since the result of my colonoscopy was normal?

Please answer my question cause I am very worried right now. Thank you so much, Jan Modric Tookie, the black stool can be caused by bleeding from the mouth, nose, larynx, pharynx, esophagus or stomach and maybe duodenum , since all blood that goes through the stomach turns black due to action of gastric acid.

Red blood spitted out could arise from the mouth, nose, larynx, pharynx, trachea, bronchi, lungs, or esophagus, butthe blood from the stomach would be likely black and you would not spit it up but vomit it. Red blood in the stool can arise from anywhere from duodenum to anus. Lower right abdominal pain could be associated with bleeding and could arise from the ascending colon, but also from the small intestine, which was not checked by a colonoscopy.

The inside of the small intestine can be checked by a capsule endoscopy. A common cause of excessive gastric acid secretion is infection by Helicobacter pylori — a sample of the stomach mucosa was maybe taken during EGD and investigated for H.

If not, a blood or breath test for H. Also I did eat the watermelon last night, not sure if this could cause the stool to turn red or not. Jan Modric tookie, yes, watermelon could cause red stool. Also beets, artificial colors in drinks, sweets, or ice creams, red gelatin, tomato juice or soup, red licorice, pomegranates…Black stool could be from iron supplements, black licorice, Pepto Bismol anti-diarrheal remedy , charcoal, beets, blueberries, raw meat or any other food containing animal blood.

Black stool from blood is tarry. I had a lipase test and that came back slightly high. My amylase was normal. Ultrasound of pancreas and CT scan came back normal. My lipase level has returned to normal but my left side pain has moved down about 2 inches down from my rib cage and my right side above my hip in the back has started hurting.

I have nausea at times and I feel unwell most of the time. The pain is at times a constant pain. It hurts on the right side to get out of bed in the morning and at times when it is bad I have to lean over in a chair to work. I am having a bowel movement times a day. Not diarrhea but not solid either. The pain is getting worse and I have feeling of pressure.

My entire mid section feels sore. I am awaiting an appt with a Gastro… Jan Modric liajnad, pain both below the left ribs and above the hip, plus frequent bowel movements probably arise from the colon. A gastroenterologist may order stool tests for blood and parasites, and perform colonoscopy if necessary. Shelby09 For the last year, I have had adominal pain about 3 inches from my belly button.. I have went to over 14 doctors, one doctor told me I had endometrisis, one told me I had stage 3 cervical cancer, and the last one told me I had varicose veins on my bladder and none of the above.

I have not left my bed in over 3 weeks….. Can anyone please help me out and tell me what it could be…. Jan Modric Shelby09, hardly anyone here can give you a better advice than a surgeon who has operated you.

You can discuss with a surgeon about painkillers, and which exact diagnosis was confirmedd and which excluded. Stabbing pain after a surgery can be from a infection, fluid collection ad other causes. The pain has remained for the last hour and has moved around to my back. I have had this pain before without exercising which is why it concerns me—I eat fairly well, and I have no problems with bowel movements.

Is this possibly a muscle thing or should I call a doctor? Jan Modric catherine, a stretched muscle in the abdominal or lower back wall would be likely tender to touch and would be aggravated by body movements. Steph I had my Gallbladder removed Dec. If occurs off and on and under my right breast.

Is this anything to worry about? Jan Modric Steph, the gurgling sounds, like excessive gas in the colon. If your gallbladder was removed because of gallstones, theoretically another gallstone could be trapped in your bile duct and prevent bile flow through it — this could cause excessive gas with gurgling. They are several other causes of bloating an gas.

Eventual other symptoms, like excessive gas, changed bowel habit…would help to narrow down possible causes. DrEska I have had lower back pain then it disappeared to shift to my knees and then now to my upper right front leg at the level of the hip. The pain is present with movement. All this with constipation and dizziness. I suffered from severe diverticulitis once.

I also have a fatty liver. Jan Modric DrEska, lower back, knee, thigh and hip pain may be from a disorder in the lumbar spine such us a bulging disc.

A neurologist or orthopedist can give you an excat diagnosis. It is mainly situated above my right hip, and it also appears in my lower-right back area, and on rare occassion. The pain is getting worse. Two doctors said I had kidney stones, but the Cat Scan I had showed only one 2 mm stone in my right kidney that was not obstructing and definitely not the source of the pain. Neither gave me any other explanation. Can you help me out? Jan Modric Obsidian, does the pain change with moving around or by body position?

Do you experience burning urination or excessive gas? Is the painful area tender to touch? Does the pain radiates into the groin or leg? Jan Modric Atwiikirize Immaculate, IUD can cause a lot of problems including inflammation or infection of the uterus, what could be the cause of white discharge.

I strongly recommend you to see your gynecologist as soon as possible to prevent eventual spread of infection.

I think i have a little fever. I feel like my lower abdomen is going down while urinating. Please advise Jan Modric honey tus, pain during urinating and fever speak for urinary tract infection. I recommend you to visit your doctor, who can order an urine test and prescribe appropriate antibiotics if necessary.

I had a swab done n the results were clean no bacteria. The pain and frequent visits to the toilet are gettin me down n i cant stop worryin somethings wrong please help x Jan Modric jusme, I strongly recommend you to visit your gynecologist again soon! The upper abdominal and lower back pain is there almost every day but the lower right abdominal pain occurs every few months and is much more painful than the other two. By then the pain had subsided and I had left since there was no end in sight to my waiting to see one of the emergency room doctors.

Jan Modric George, burning urination strongly suggests the problem is in your urinary tract and could be from an inflammation, infection, stones, clumps of blood or shed cells, blood clots, parasites..

Cylonprimus Hi, I am a 35yo M. I have a diverticulosis. Been managing it with diet fairly well, i. I know there has been debate about this. I think they may have put a stint or something in. I was young and not paying attention! Sometimes, when I am sitting, I notice it. It comes most often when I drink liquid.

Granted it is not debilitating in any sense. Even when I push on my abdomen, like the way the doctors would when I was laid up in the hospital with diverticulitus and let it rebound, nadda. I mean, the surface hurts a little bit, but definitely not tender to the touch. So, I guess, I am curious if this sounds like something serious or a cold or stress related? I am probably about 20 lbs overweight too. I know that does not help either! Thanks for any input. You probably know, the fiber can be soluble or insoluble , and it is soluble fiber that can yield quite some gas in the colon.

Colonic cancer is extremely unlikely at your age. Reducing amount of soluble fiber a bit, and if this oes not have any effect, a lactose free diet trial or low-fructose diet trial may help. You can find links to some of mentioned disorders in the bloating and gas article. Jan Modric mama2, presence or absence of menstruation during breastfeeding? So, 4 months without menstruation can be completely normal. Tenderness below the right rib cage can be from bloating gas built in the colon or, from a gallbladder or bile duct disorder like stones.

There can be a biliary sludge in the gallbladder that is not not necessary detected ba ultrasound. Cylonprimus Jan, During two hospital stays for diverticulitus, last one about 2 years ago, a colonoscopy, CT scans. I do indeed have diverticuli on the right side.

What is strange to me, is that when cold or hot liquid passes down into my stomach, that is when the pain, minor but noticeable seems to flare, on a consistant basis.

Again, what is throwing me off, is that, the small area which hurts a little when I drink liquid, also, hurts, not a lot, but when I push on it. It almost feels like I was hit there and it is the remnants of a bruise. I would chalk it up to that, but, like I said, it does not feel like a regular diverticulitus flare and it only consistantly lets me know its there when I drink hot or cold fluid. Feel fine when I do currently. Same thing with fruit. So I guess, could a muscle pull or strain produce the kind of results I listed above?

Hernia a part of intestinal loop can move in and out through a cleft between abdominal muscles, so the pain can change with time and with body movements.

I went to the doctor and the nurse told me I had a slight infection. So, she gave me the medication, and I took the prescription for a few days until one night I had started getting a stomach ache, chills, and diarrhea. I remember having it before and it did pass like last time. It was a one night thing. Some gas and some gas-like pains were bothering me about 2 weeks ago, but they passed…Some constipation occurred too, but I realized again, it was worse with the dairy intake.

With having all this going on, I still felt like I had a bit of a bladder infection. It felt better, but not completely. I went to see a doctor to get retested, and it came out negative, however, I explained to my doctor the pains and the issues I was having with dairy, and she told me I was probably dairy intolerant and she felt my stomach and she said that some things were probably still inflamed from all of the constipation and diarrhea.

She also said that somethings may flare it up, and acidic food and drink could too, and to experiment and see if small portions of what would affect me, she said just enough to tell. These past few days I started feeling an almost crampy type feeling mostly on my upper right side but it spreads a little to my left and middle of my ribcage. I looked up a few things and saw that gallbladder problems came into my research…My mother had hers taken out, and I asked her about the feeling, she said it was more pressure-feeling than anything, and I can sort of feel that, but not really.

Is this even what it is? Lactose is in more foods than just dairy. Crampy feelings below the ribs on both sides can be from gas built in the horisontal part of the colon and can be caused by indigested lactose that has been broken down by colonic bacteria — I mean, this can be a symptom of lactose intolerance. Other foods that can commonly cause excessive gas are foods high in fructose , like pears, prunes, honey, soda sweetened by HFCS…and foods high in soluble fiber , like oatmeal.

Sometimes it does spread right across my lower abdomen, but more often than not is centralised on the right side. I did wonder whether it was my appendix, but im not experiening any other symptoms such as sickness or high temperature, so I just wanted to know what else you think it might be and whether I should go see a doctor. Jan Modric Samw, yes, I recommend you to see a doctor. Try to recall any other symptom, like burning urination, changed bowel habit..

This may help a doctor to give you a diagnosis. S im 16 years old and have been experiencing alot of abdominal cramps and dark brown discharge, sometimes heavy and sometimes light usually with clots fairly big sometimes, i have what seems to be a swollen tummy or bloated not sure , me and my bf of over 2year been using the pull out method but i dont think im pregnant: S ive been feeling quite windy and constapated, i have a pinching sensation on the right side of my abdomin a couple of inches from my hip bone sometimes weak and sometimes strong, i get weak but sometimes its strong cramping in my lower abdomin and if its strong i could be in so much pain i can barely walk but sometimes its light, sometimes feel nauseus but havnt been physicaly sick, what could it be?

It could be an infection from different causes food poisoning, intestinal parasites.. It is important to say for how long your symptoms last now, have you changed your diet lately, or have you eaten something suspicious before the symptoms started. I recommend you to reveal all your problems to an adult person you can trust, since it sounds you might need to visit a gastroenterologist or gynecologist. I am 19 years old,and have been experiencing lower right side abdomen pain for little over a week now.

Last november I was diagnosed with kidney stones in the er. I am nauseated, weak, and the pain gets worse throughout the day. The pain has now spread throught my entire lower abdomen, I went to the doctor three days ago and he diagnosed me with a kidney infection, I have been on cipro, 2 pills a day for three days and the pain has not stopped and has became worse.

Could a kidney infection cause this type of sharp, sudden pains across my abdomen. Also it hurts when I press on my abdomen. Thank you Jan Modric meggie, kidney infection can spread over the entire urinary tract including the bladder lower central abdominal pain and ureters sharp lower left or right abdominal pains. Antibiotics have to be chosen according to urine culture and antibiotic sensitivity tests. Have had ovarian cysts for 20 years, recent laproscopy in may showed it was from endometriosis.

Had severe kidney infection 2 weeks prior to surgery as well. I handle pain very well, but this is worse pain than the kidney infection! I went to the er twice already, assuming because they have me in collections, they tell me nothings wrong. Currently doing stool samples for clinic and stool is mix of dark and yellow. I was always in great shape, at recommended weight, and healthy. My diet is no different from before. Any advise is appreciated! Jan Modric otis, pain below the right ribs radiating down and to the left sounds like the pain is over the path of the colon.

Black stool could be from eventual iron pills or Pepto-Bismol anti-diarrheal medication or some food, like black licorice, but also from blood from the stomach. Red blood in the stool is from the small intestine or colon. One possible cause would be intestinal parasites Dx: Endometriosis may appear within the bowel, and its symptoms relate with a menstrual cycle… otis btw, My menses was 2 weeks early, and started when this pain did.

I had also been in nevada prior to this, if it matters.. I had some tenterness in my lower right abdomen for about a week, aswell as a feeling of something moving or kicking when pressed, but only for a moment and then stops.

Any idea what on earth this could be?? Jan Modric mrsorr86, gas, food remants and intestinal worms can move in the intestine…. Intestinal hernia can move, and abdominal muscles may twitch… otis Thanks for the reply. I havent taken pepto or iron pills. As you know if you know anything about UC that it usually only effects the intestines and anus not the stomach.

About 4 days ago I started having really sharp and throbby pains in my upper abdomen. Well now everytime I breath deep, cough, sneeze, turn, lay on my side, ect… I get a VERY sharp pain in my upper right-ish abdomen. Jan Modric BrittanyLynn, yes, one posibility are fatigued muscles of the abdominal wall due to use of crutches.

In this case, a larger aea of your abdomen would be tender to touch. Intestinal hernia, for example, would result in much smaller area of tenderness. If it is muscle tenderness, it should start to lessen in few days. If not, see your doctor. It sometimes radiates or move underneath the ribcage where it is felt especially when deep pressure is applied to ribcage. Some nights it not too bad, but the vast majority I dare not attempt to turn on to my right side as the pain gradually increases forcing me to lay on back or on my left side.

When it started in December my AST and ALT were above normal and US revealed mild fatty liver, all of which have since resolved with the use of supplements exercise and diet. However, the pain has persisted.

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